Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting has extensive experience in performing a variety of air quality services for diverse clients in industrial, commercial, and municipal settings. We can help you estimate your air emissions, evaluate your compliance status vis-à-vis current and potential future federal and state regulations, and assist you in maintaining compliance or reduce your air emissions with intelligent, systematic, cost-effective strategies.

We have experience in the following Air Quality areas:

  • Developing a sound emissions inventory composed of emission estimations for each source using accepted methodologies.
  • Performing audits and related evaluations to determine the compliance of a facility with applicable federal and state air quality regulations. Our air quality specialist has a thorough, practical knowledge of a variety of common manufacturing or other air emitting processes and of air quality regulations.
  • Developing cost-effective strategies to meet applicable regulatory standards and to design or recommend diverse emission control options to reduce emissions to meet your goals.
  • Preparing appropriate permit application packages for both federal and state air permits. Please note that this type of effort is not just a bureaucratic, simple procedure. There is a lot riding on a permit application. In many cases, a poorly-prepared air permit application will result in restrictive operating conditions and cause unreasonable testing and reporting requirements. We have decades long relationships with many agencies in the region and have successfully negotiated permit conditions allowing flexibility while still complying reliably with applicable regulations.
  • Designing required compliance systems, such as monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting systems to reliably comply with agency air quality regulatory requirements and to allow early warning of potential non-compliance situations. Such system development is always individualized to your facility, process, and personnel and includes training to allow your facility to independently maintain their Air Compliance program independent of us.