Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting offers over 30 years of professional experience in a variety of geologic, hydrologic, and GIS services, including:


  • Geologic investigations and site characterizations.
  • Geologic field mapping and map production.
  • Characterization of bedrock geology, soils, and sediments.
  • Fracture trace analyses.
  • Photogrammetric interpretations including assessment of changes in land use and community character over time.
  • GIS assessments including slope and viewshed analyses.
  • Assessment of sites for mine suitability (unconsolidated and bedrock).


HydrogeologyHudson Highlands Environmental

  • Assessments of available groundwater quantity established by either conducting aquifer tests or evaluating existing drawdown and recovery data.
  • Determination of aquifer safe yields.
  • Evaluation, sampling, and monitoring of water quality and contaminant migration.
  • Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of surface water (GWUDI) assessments.
  • Evaluation of SEQRA and other technical reports by other consultants and agencies for accuracy.
  • Assessment of hydraulic fracturing and related groundwater and methane flow.
  • Karst investigations, characterizations, and presentations.
  • Assessment of spring and groundwater supplies as possible bottled water sources.


HydrologyHudson Highlands Environmental

  • Determination of reservoir, river, and stream safe yields.
  • Field characterization of stream morphology and flood zones using Rosgen methodologies.
  • Flood return interval analyses.
  • Measurement of low flow on and near sites to assess potential contaminant assimilation.
  • Conduct site characterizations.
  • Development of bathymetric maps and related lake volume determinations.
  • Assist clients in identifying issues and developing strategies designed to protect groundwater and surface water resources.

Expert Testimony, Graphics, Presentations & Reports

  • Preparation of technical affidavits and reports.
  • Expert testimony before judges at hearings.
  • Development of professional GIS maps and graphics for testimony and reports.
  • Presentations before Towns and assorted groups.
  • Review and analysis of technical documents and reports.