Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting


Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting (HHEC) is a consortium of independent, experienced professionals that has been assembled to provide the highest quality service at reasonable rates. Each member of the consortium is an expert in their particular field, and have amassed years of experience (averaging 30+ years each) either working independently or for larger firms, working in the public sector, or in academia. By working independently out of home offices via the internet, without the costs associated with support staff, office space rental, benefit packages, employee bonuses, or even the annual office Christmas party, HHEC is able to offer the collective service and expertise found in larger firms, but at the rates associated with freelance independents. Plus, as every member of HHEC is a principal of their own firm — you will never be handed off to an “associate.” Your project will be handled personally by the best of the best.

In general, HHEC can provide assistance on land development projects in the areas of environmental impact assessment (in accordance with the NY State Environmental Quality Review Act – SEQRA), wetlands services, natural resource analyses (including endangered and threatened species), traffic impact assessment, fiscal impact analyses, land use feasibility studies, archaeological studies, preservation planning, etc. More detailed descriptions can be found on the pages provided under “Services”. Resumes on the experienced professionals available to provide these services can be found under “Personnel”.

The principal of HHEC is Stephen M. Gross. Mr. Gross is available for a free initial telephone conversation by calling (845) 986-5350 or (845) 313-4022. 

USPS mail can be sent to:

Stephen M. Gross
Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting
71 Colonial Avenue
Warwick, NY 10990