Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting


Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting has the capability to produce a broad range of environmental planning studies. These include:

Open Space Plans

  • Inventory existing public and private open space
    Identify the community benefits, use, and need for open space
  • Assist communities in developing an objective and a strategy for the preservation and management of public and private open space
  • Prepare a comprehensive document that presents guidelines for the preservation, management, and use of open space

Viewshed Analysis

Identify areas that may be visually impacted by proposed developments
Evaluate the extent of visual impact and recommend mitigation measures or alternative actions

Municipal Planning Studies

  • Natural Resource Inventories – Inventories of a municipality’s natural resources including geology, soils, slopes, waterbodies and watercourses, wetlands, drainage basins, flood hazard zones, vegetation, aquifers, viewsheds, etc., compiled in maps for use by municipal planning and environmental boards.
  • Cultural Resource Inventories — Inventories of a municipality’s manmade resources including historic sites, archaeologically sensitive areas, land use patterns, road patterns, infrastructure, etc.
  • Master Plan Studies – Review existing Master Plan; assess current growth trends and patterns, and impacts of recent and ongoing development; update existing land use plan and development related ordinances to reflect current community needs and values
  • Land Use and Environmental Ordinances – Provide assistance to modify zoning and subdivision regulations; to create or modify slopes ordinance, wetlands ordinance, etc.