Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting


Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting is uniquely qualified to provide a full range of wetland services.  Determining the need for wetlands services is often confusing for individual projects.  Often, multiple wetland encroachment permits are required from different agencies for the same wetland encroachment.  Some agencies regulate protective buffers around the wetland.  Others don’t.  The regulated size of the buffer may differ between agencies.  The minimum regulated size of the wetland differs between agencies and local municipalities.  Some wetlands aren’t regulated at all.

We will work with you to determine the level of wetland services required for your project.  These services include: 

Wetland Delineation

  • Hudson Highlands EnvironmentalUS Army Corps of Engineers delineations based on the three-parameter approach (hydric soils, hydrophytic vegetation, and wetland hydrology) described in the 1987 federal manual.
  • NYSDEC delineations based on New York State regulations
  • New Jersey delineations based on NJDEP regulations
  • Connecticut delineations based on hydric soils as mandated by state law
  • Local municipal delineations based on local ordinances including 1989 federal manual, hydric soils, hydrophytic vegetation, etc.

Wetland Impact Assessment

  • Determination of short and long term, direct and indirect impacts upon wetland resources from land development activities
  • Determination of jurisdictional permitting concerns

Wetland Permitting

  • Coordination and meetings with agency personnel to achieve permit approval
  • Preparation of federal delineation reports for submission to Army Corps of Engineers
  • Preparation of permit applications for NYSDEC
  • Preparation of permit applications for NJDEP

Wetland Mitigation

  • Hudson Highlands EnvironmentalPreparation of plans for wetland restoration, enhancement or creation to offset wetland encroachment  impacts
  • Preparation of permit applications for federal, state, and local jurisdictions
  • Coordination with wetland nurseries to obtain needed plant material at reasonable prices
  • On-site installation and construction management
  • Post-mitigation monitoring to assure success of modified or created wetland, including plant survival