Hudson Highlands Environmental Consulting


Paul Dolan, Executive Director International at Walt Disney Company/ABC News

“Steve Gross is extremely accurate, diligent, creative and detail oriented. He is excellent at finding important project data buried in larger data sets. He has an excellent background of digging into complex reports, reviewing field data and reporting findings to clients, the public, officials and regulatory agencies.”

R. Michael N’dolo, Vice President, Camoin Associates

“Stephen and I worked together with a client in the lower Hudson Valley. He was representing a group of concerned citizens that opposed a massive housing project in a predominately rural area. Stephen helped the client negotiate the labyrinth of New York’s State Environmental Quality Review so that their voices were heard in a way which gave them recourse to legal action should the Town Board ignore their concerns. Clearly, he understood the process and represented the group in a clear and convincing manner.”

Michael Fishman, Senior Wildlife and Wetlands Scientist, GHD, Inc. (formerly Stearns & Wheler, LLC)

“I worked with Steve several years ago on an industrial park development project for which he took the lead on environmental permitting. There were many complicating factors in the permitting, including wetlands, endangered species, and site access limitations. Steve skillfully addressed the wetlands and site access issues to the satisfaction of both the client and the regulatory agencies, and worked closely with his associates in developing a solution to the endangered species issues that allowed the client to meet their goals with the project, while complying with federal and state endangered species protection regulations. Steve’s attention to detail, knowledge of regulations, strong relationships with regulatory personnel, and dedication to client service resulted in a successful outcome for all parties involved. I highly recommend Steve’s environmental consulting services – he knows how to get the job done right!”

Anthony Oliveri, Associate, Dolph Rotfeld Engineering PC

“Stephen is a consummate professional and extremely thorough at what he does. I was always impressed by his diligence and breadth of knowledge with regard to the projects we’ve worked together on”

Jeff Econom, P.E., CPESC, CPSWQ, CPCA, CMS4S

“I have worked with Steve on many projects and find him to be extremely knowledgeable in his field and is a very detail orientated person. Steve has always produced an above average product and has always been budget minded towards the client. I highly recommend Steve and his work.”

Patsy Wooters, Chair, Torne Valley Preservation Association

“Stephen Gross is an experienced environmental planner, with a proven track record of fostering conservation around the region. He worked for Torne Valley Preservation Association assessing wetlands on the Lorterdan site. Prior to that he had successfully orchestrated the opposition to development in the heart of Sterling Forest. More recently he has worked advising those following the environmental impact review for the revised special permit for a project situated in the mountains between the Village of Tuxedo Park and the Village of Sloatsburg.”

Mary Graetzer, Tuxedo Park, NY

“Steve is a thorough researcher with a detailed knowledge of SEQRA. I have been a part of two groups that hired Steve to review the EIS process for proposed housing developments in our Town. In both cases, he managed to uncover “problem areas” that were missed by the Town’s consultants and possibly even sidestepped or covered up by the project’s sponsors. Steve was very helpful in guiding our groups through the process and in getting us ready for testifying at public hearings. Thanks largely to him, we were all knowledgeable and able to speak effectively!”